Collection of all my personal work and projects.


A fresh start with 3D modelling. Rich in content about my research in game development and design. Experimenting with the creation of mechanics and environment.


A puzzle game based on text commands, combining retro interfaces with 3D environments and shapes.

April, 2018


A collection of three different games, all showcasing a little tank alone in mysterious environments.

Winter, 2018


The park opens their gates for you. Come see by yourself living specimens of letters and symbols. Made in Unity.

January, 2018


First official year of experimentation with programming. I started by using Processing, before getting my hands on Unity Engine.


A little prototype, experimenting with letters inside a physics base environment, using Unity 2D.

November, 2017

Swan Lake

A visual representation of a classic piece, interpreted by words and letters. Made with After Effects.

October, 2017

The Fall

A short game made in Processing about a little sprite falling inside a computer bug.

April, 2017


An interactive experience made in Processing where the user interact directly with a geometrical ballet.

January, 2017