What if you can feel time?

(Dev updates)

What is Interval?

Interval is my most ambitious and complex project so far. The piece is a game on which I’ve been working on since summer 2018. The game is still far to be complete, but any major updates on the project will be posted here.

In Interval, the player has the ability to travel into another dimension. To seize the breach between the past and the future. To capture the present. Stopping time  can give a lot of possibilities, although, cheating nature’s basic laws cannot go without consequences.

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The Lab.

The events of Interval mainly take place in a lab called Chronos Technologies. The lab is responsible for the creation of the watch device that enable anyone who wears it to switch between reality and the interval. 

The Mechanics.

In the game, player are able to enter the Interval, a dimension where motion and change don’t exist. The player can then explore an environment in two different ways while cheating time when navigating in the Interval.

Gallery (taken from the latest game prototype)

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