Fall 2018 // VR Experience

A VR Experience and Installation

Kiriko is a user-based simulation and installation illustrating our relationship for the environment. The piece is primarily experienced through the use of a VR headset where the user passively observes the environment as it changes over time. The modifications occur through another participant who affects the VR environment using a tangible interface, meaning that they are not experiencing the VR simulation itself.

The project was created in a team of six, and the tasks were divided in different clusters. The installation requires two players to work completely, but additional observers can also enjoy the piece by seeing the VR part projected on a wall.

  • Unity 3D (C#)
  • Illustrator

Technical Aspect

My work on this project was more on the code structure and the VR setup. Every inputs made by the Terminal player are registered by a MIDI controller (using sliders and knobs). I also wanted the Terminal interface to be as responsive as possible.

The whole game is made in Unity (except for the audio, coming from MAX). The app is using multidisplays to be able to project a VR experience at the same time as displaying a UI interface on an other monitor.