November 2017 // Interactive app

Physics engine for words.

Literal is my first project realized entirely in Unity Engine. It is the second experiment from my research of typography within an interactive environment. In games, the interactive text and words are often existing in the user interface (UI), a layer over the action of the game (menu, health bar, etc.).

With Literal, I wanted to put those typographic elements directly inside the simulated environment. Responding to physics and surrounding modifications through the player’s interaction. The game is available to play here, on my website, via Unity Web GL.

  • Unity 3D (C#)
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Technical Aspect

Something important to consider when working with text in Unity Engine, it’s usually used with canvas, ideal for everything linked to the UI.

To make the writings and each letter, I first made a sprite sheet with all the words and trim it, pixel perfect for each letter. At the end, the engine recognize the typographic elements as sprites living in the world environment, rather than text residing in a canvas.

All source files are available on my GitHub!

Access the repository