Space Program

Winter 2019 // Game Prototype

An Internship in Space

Space Program is a single player game prototype, where you need to operate a spaceship as part of your astronaut internship. However, don’t expect to be in command right away. Since you’re an intern, your work only consists of maintaining a bunch of utility terminals stable. But hey, at least you’re in space. That’s cool.

The project was created by a team of five (a_team), and the tasks were divided in different clusters. The game is conceptualized around the idea of a thin line separating complexity and simplicity. Our goal was to create something that looks difficult at first to operate (the terminals), but that requires in fact, almost no effort to execute.

  • Unity 3D (C#)
  • Illustrator

Technical Aspect

My role in the team was mostly around coding. I spent most of my time on the UI integration of the terminals. Each monitor in the scene acts like independent canvas while still be able to be aware of the others. The player can switch between two control modes; First person mode, to navigate the 3D space, and Terminal focused mode, to navigate on the screen of a terminal.

In addition to coding, I was responsible for setting the scene and its visual ambiance together. I wanted to feel like being in space, and not just be looking into emptiness by the windows.