Swan Lake

October 2017 // Short animation

Presented by the Letter Company.

This experiment is part of my research on the use of typographic elements inside interactive experience. Even if Swan Lake doesn’t include any interactive elements, it was a first step to explore what I can do with typography other than write words with them.

In this version of Swan Lake, I wanted to tell a story, the way ballet does, but using the geometrical form of letters to act like the dancers. The style of the animation is more cinematic than linear.

  • Illustrator
  • After Effect
  • Premiere Pro

Technical Aspect

This project has been produced mainly in Adobe After Effect. Most of the shapes present in the video were drawn directly into the scene to minimize any superfluous that Illustrator could have done.

The video is separated in multiple sequence that was after all set up in Adobe Premiere Pro to make the finale cut.