You Are Two

March 2018 // Ubisoft Game Jam

A Console-Based Puzzle Game

My goal while developing Specter, was to merge different type of game mechanics and design together to shape something new and experimental. Combining the old school SCUMM interface with 3D elements, every player’s inputs pass via an in-game console.

User needs to complete a series of levels to progress into a fictional software, inspired by the ’90s hacking and the beginning of the internet.

  • Unity 3D (C#)
  • Blender
  • Substance Painter

Technical Aspect

The game is made with Unity. The biggest challenge in the development of Specter was the integration of a fake console inside the game. The unusual aspect of this kind of interface element is that it leaves in a 3D environment, with the rest of the other 3D shapes.

The game mechanics are simple, but make the execution more compelling since it’s using text commands instead of key inputs. For instance, the game would be far less interesting if the controls were based on the arrow keys.