Final Prototype
Last update: Jan 30, 2020

After having the basic mechanics in place, I wanted to put them into a playable scene. Thus, it would be possible for me to distribute the prototype around and ask for feedback on what I have so far. While I didn’t intend to pass too much time on the visuals, I’ve still managed to find a minimal art direction that makes the prototype feels less like a greybox.

The biggest new feature here is the scene itself and how it depends on a scenario. The goal was to propose to the player a start point and an end point, while keeping the prototype experience at its shortest.

The final prototype’s scenario includes dynamic platforms that define the path that the player should take. Invisible walls are adapting around them, making sure that the cube doesn’t fall off into the void.

Once the player gets on the main stage, where the hole stands, the game truly begins. At this point, the hole’s mild events are triggered one after the other (each time the player interact with the hole). A timer is also prompted, counting down to 0. That means that the player needs to find a way to fit, before the timer goes out. Besides, the screen fades out slowly as the timer leads closer to 0.

Some UI elements have been also added to the scene. UI is mostly used to display some indication, the timer and the hole’s dialogue. Cause yes, the hole speaks. Each time the player triggers an event, the hole drops a line to the player. The text line is taken from a library, and are often in relation with triggered events.

Finally, when the timer hits zero, the game is over and the player can restart the whole prototype if they want. One thing is for sure, you can’t win.


The next milestone will be around medium events. Maybe have some branching rules making each run a bit different. I’ll also start exploring on sounds and audio in general. At the moment no sound effect or music has been integrated or worked on.

Prototype Status


Project linked: Not a Good Fit
Prototype Version: Final
Playtested: Yes
Collaborator: 1

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