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A collection of three unique iterations

TANK assemble three different games, each based on the original TANKS! game made by Unity Technologies. It’s an exploration of mechanics and the discovery of new environment. The game is experimental and has the goal to intrigue the curiosity of the player. Prepare yourself as you step into unknown territory, revealing the ruins of a fallen civilization.

The game includes: ProjectionDialogue and Farewell. The best part of it, it’s free to play!

A game made by Charles Doucet.






In this first iteration, the player explores a dark and mysterious place. Following lights while other red glares seem to chase you closely. Find your way out of this linear path before you lose all sense of orientation.







This is a game about communication. Players are let by themselves into a vast and empty field. Although, they are not alone. Indeed, a massive entity is patrolling the environment. Use sound to try to catch his attention.







Your journey is at an end. Step out of your tank to continue your path on foot. Explore this abstract environment and try to escape by using portals. It’s time to say a final goodbye to your long friend tank.





A game made in Unity

All the game was made inside Unity. It was developed over 12 weeks time lapse. The goal was to explore and turns out a basic game into something weird and experimental. Each iteration targets a specific topic about games within the Unity Engine.

Projection focused on the lights and cameras. In the game, all cameras are fixed, giving access to the developer to change the environment without having the user noticing it. That way, it is possible to create confusion while still having a simple and linear path.

Dialogue plays about sound. In fact, all feedback for the players is through sounds. This means that, yes there are visual, but most of the understanding and mechanics of the game rotate around sound. It was also a good topic to explore the definition of communication.

Farewell makes full use of basic 3D shapes. Indeed, all the scenery in this iteration is made from simple figures provided by either Blender and Unity itself. Like in Projection, this is about confusing the player’s perception, but here, in a 3D and geometrical environment.



Regarding the Developer

Charles Doucet is a multidisciplinary designer currently studying Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. With his background in graphic design, nothing stops him now to learn new ways of creations. He became fascinated by working with technologies and today, his interests are mainly in developing games.

His vision with games, for now, is to create the unusual and search weird mechanics. While keeping in mind the impossible quest towards visuals that feel great.




About the Game

Release date: April 29, 2018
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Developer: Charles Doucet
Price: Free


Download the game here!



A game made by Charles Doucet.

Made in Unity Engine.
Song used in the end scene of Dialogue:
Piano Sonata No. 14 In C-Sharp Minor, Moonlight Sonata Adagio Sostenuto performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Based on the original TANKS! game made by Unity via a tutorial available here.

Thank You for playing!


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