A little section about me.


My name is Charles.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer. My background is first in Graphic Design, but I decided to enlarge my horizons and skills to be able to create with technological tools.

I’m currently a last year student at Concordia University, Montreal, in Computation Arts. I also work for a Survey Software company called Voxco, as part of the marketing team since more than 3 years now.

I try to base all my project and research around game design and mechanics. I’m fascinated by all the possibilities that code offers me. Creating simulated environment that can reflect a thought and interact with an individual is, normally, the main focus of all my applications.

Attempting new stuff is part of my daily routine. Most of my project is experimenting with advanced methods that I can learn from, to ultimately gain more skills as a developer.

Get in touch.

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