Research and Progress

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This assemble process journal on prototypes, games or mechanics that I’m working on. It might also contain some random stuff.

Space Compass – Second Prototype [GAME PRODUCTION]

Space Compass [GAME PRODUCTION] Second Prototype Last update: Mar 9, 2020 This second playable prototype acts as a fleshed-out version of the rough prototype. Based on observations and players’ feedback, I was able to solidify the core mechanics of the game. First, by...

Space Compass – Rough Prototype [GAME PRODUCTION]

Space Compass [GAME PRODUCTION] Rough Prototype Last update: Jan 14, 2020 Space Compass is part of my Orbits Series that focus on making games out of small playable prototypes. After the first week of production for Space Compass, I made its rough prototype that...

Rotating room – Welcome Home [MECHANIC]

This prototype has been imagined in the context of Welcome Home, the name given to a game where the player controls a lonely home assistant in an apartment.

Bogey – Process Journal I [GAME PRODUCTION]

Bogey [GAME PRODUCTION] Process Journal I Last update: Aug. 25 2019 Bogey is the name given to the game idea of a golf hole dodging any falling ball on a green. In contrast to other golf games, players control here the golf hole. They can navigate on a green while...

My 2019 colours

Like every beginning of a year, I like to look back at the design of my website, and change it completely. It’s a great practice, on the research side, of what kind of image I want to reflect this year. 2019 represents for me an important step in my progression....

Winter 2018

This last winter has been my busiest semester so far at Concordia. Four games in development at the same time, including the Ubisoft Game Jam 2018. Also, I started using Substance Painter for my 3D models’ textures, as well as gaining more experience in Blender and...

Game Ideas

Ideas that I might push further and perhaps produce, and others that should stay at the idea stage.

What if you control a golf hole and try to evade the ball?

Player controls here a golf hole on a green. The goal is simple, evade the falling golf ball heading in your direction. The game could include different levels, illustrated by different green shapes.

What if you control a lonely home assistant in an apartment?
The player takes control of an entire apartment by the power of a home assistant. At the beginning, player can’t do much (turn off and on the lights, play music, open TV, etc.). However, after a mysterious update, players can now connect with everything in the room.
The game actually happens after a long 6 hour flight.

Player is stuck in business class for a long 6 hour flight. There’s actually a game beginning after, but you need to do the flight before. Of course, the player can watch stuff on its entertainment screen. Although, if the player goes inactive for more than 10 min, the game pauses and wait for the player to continue.

What if you can only naviguate on shadows.

Players need to go from A to B in a small environment, but they can only move on shadows created by elements in the scene. I imagined a 2.5 dimension where you can interact with multiple objects.